5 Spectacular Autumn Walks in Farnham

Autumn Walks in Farnham

Looking for ideas for Autumn Walks in Farnham, with the kids?

During the Autumn time we are spoilt for choice with some spectacular Autumn shows in our local forests, commons and nature reserves around Farnham.

Having photographed a vast number of local families in and around the Farnham area, I am always on the look out for seasonally idyllic locations and I spend lots of time out walking to find my most treasured spots.

Here are 5 of my favourite, with a few details on what to look out for and how to get to each location.

Top 5 Most Spectacular Autumn Walks in Farnham

1. Frensham Common.

Swish your way through the bronzed fern fronds.


2. Devils Jump, Churt.

Take in the spectacular colourful views in the Autumn time.


3. Farnham Park.

Take a walk down the long Avenue of Tree’s. Bike and buggy friendly too. : )


4. Frensham Big Pond (AKA: Great Pond).

Enjoy waterside colour as you walk up along side the pond from the car park to the sailing club, then climb the hill to enjoy another view of the spectacular colour.


5. Alice Holt Arboretum.

Discover the show stopping Acer Walk, at the Alice Holt Arboretum. Park behind the Alice Holt research station and then look for Acer pathway on your right as you walk in towards the Arboretum.

Where will you go with the kids this Autumn, for your Autumn walks in Farnham?

Whilst I’m sure you’ll be familiar with some of these Farnham spots, perhaps this blog will inspire you to go and see them again in the Autumn time? And, I hope you’ll discover somewhere new from my list too!

I hope you get to discover somewhere new this Autumn and do share your favourite locations with me too, if you can.

Sarah Angel is a professional newborn and family photographer based in Farnham, Surrey and photographs families across Greater London, North Hampshire and Surrey. She is Fine Art trained and holds a 1st class honours award in Photography. Prior to establishing her family photography business, she worked in education as a Secondary School Art and Photography teacher, for 20 years. She continues to teach, running photography workshops for adult beginners, in the Farnham area.



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