3 Ingredients for fun-filled Autumn Family photographs in Hampshire.

Do you want to know the 3 things that’ll guarantee you get genuine fun-filled family photographs full of connection this Autumn?

I have been busy helping a few clients with their location choices and outfits ahead of their Autumn family photographs in Hampshire and Surrey, coming up this month.  

When I have these pre-session chats with clients, I will always ask, what kinds of photographs do they most want from their photoshoot this year.

During more than one phone chat, to a few of my Hampshire mums, the most frequent request has been for fun-filled family photographs with lots of family connection and/or being connected to their beautiful Autumn surroundings.

So, when it comes to hiring a family photographer you want something more, don’t you?

And then, on the flip side, many of these Mums agreed, there’s nothing worse than receiving a collection of professional family portraits with wooden looking bodies standing in a row looking straight at the camera grinning.  

I know these are the kind of photographs that Grandma might like to receive. It’s easy to understand. She wants to see your children’s heights, to see how much they have grown since last year and to see your beautiful smiles looking directly back at her. I get that, and I think as mums we want a few of these for the record books too. So for these reasons I do still take these types of portraits at every one of my family sessions.

However, they are a little bit akin to the type of photograph that belongs in floppy cardboard frame bought from a school photographer don’t you think? (No offence to school photographers – they do an amazing job and their service is very much needed, and every year we religiously buy our children’s individual and group class photo’s and add them to the kids school memory boxes.)

So when it comes to hiring a family photographer you want something more, don’t you?

Why Fun and Connection in a Family Photograph?

You don’t just want a ‘record’ of what your child looked like at that time in your lives, you also want to know and remember their personality and all the gorgeousness of their age and stage!  

You want photographs with feelings and humour and tenderness. And, you want to remember the clothes they like to wear; the funny expressions they make when you show them a snail or hand them a stick to play with.

You want to remember how they stretch and grab at your dress when they want to be picked up and cuddled.

You want to see that look of glee on repeat, those chubby cheeks just bursting with joy when your son is sat up high on Dads shoulders.

A formula for this was easy for me to define ….and here it is. ; )

My top three pieces of advice that I share with all of my clients, (not just my Hampshire mums. : ) ) to achieving family portraits full of connection and fun.

3 Things That’ll Guarantee fun-filled connection in your family Photographs this Autumn.

If you’re a kid at heart like me, I’m sure you’ll agree that Autumn is for outdoor fun! After all, who doesn’t like kicking crunchy leaves, collecting conkers, eating sticky toffee apples on bonfire night and dressing up in fun scarves, hats and boots again.

Wouldn’t it be great to have family photographs equally packed full of fun and connection this Autumn?  Swipe for three things to consider.

1. Go with how your kids are feeling on the day.

Children aren’t badly behaved at my sessions or doing the wrong thing by not wanting to smile or jump with glee, the moment I lift up my camera!  

Instead, the fun filled moments happen when we work with how they’re feeling on the day.

Feeling over excited? Let’s run around for a bit and let of some steam.

Feeling a bit shy or quiet? Let’s have a big family cuddle or feed the ducks.

2. Interact with each other (rather than my camera)!

Often the simplest family interaction can unfurl into a fun photo-worthy moment.

Sitting up high on Daddy’s shoulders.

Twirling around in mum’s arms.

Having the biggest and squashiest family hug

Chasing your little brother or sister

Have a family race down a hill…..just make sure you let the kids win, for the best smiles!

Whisper a funny secret or tell a story.

3. Definitely get involved in your surroundings!

Help your child climb a tree

Get in the water

Walk along a log

Feed the ducks

Splash in a puddle

Throw leaves

So, in order to achieve photographs jam packed with personality and fun, whether it’s in Hampshire, Surrey or anywhere else in UK or the world….. I understand, as parents, you want to know what to expect at your photography session and how your photographer will help you achieve the fun and connected family photographs you most want.

As a parent myself, I know that reassurance and guidance are of great help and when it comes to great family photography we work as a team. Family + photographer working together with the same shared vision.

Would you like photographs like this for your family?

So now that you know my reassuring formula to achieving fun and connected family photographs, let’s make this happen for you and your family! Have a look at my family session info page HERE.

Or, you can check out my fun, quick and affordable Autumn Mini Session booking page HERE.

We have so many beautiful locations for family photographs in Hampshire and Surrey, I’d love to photograph your family in the Autumn colours this year. If this is something you are considering this year or even next year, head to my contacts page here. Message me to arrange a no pressured, no obligation phone chat so you can find out if I’m the right photographer for your family.



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