Kids Charity Bike Shoot at Frensham Common in Surrey

Kids Charity Bike Shoot at Frensham Common in Surrey  {Any wheels will do!}

I thought I would share my Kids charity bike shoot at Frensham Common in Surrey and take the time to update you on my ‘Kids and their Bikes’ charity project which I have been doing to help raise money and awareness for The Farnham Bike Ride Charity.

We have had such a lot of interest in this project from enthusiastic young cyclists ranging in ages from 2.5 years up to 11 years old.  So far I have managed to photograph around 8 children for the project, over the spring and summer months. It is wonderful to see just how much love and enthusiasm these young kids have for their bikes. Their portraits are incredibly endearing and heartwarming.

We are continuing to accept applications for Kids and their Bikes every day as this is an ongoing project.  We have been offering sessions to families on a bi-monthly basis and if the session we offer you does not suit then we pop your application form back in the pile for the chance of a second offer during a different time in the year.

So if you have been thinking about applying for the project do get in touch and fill out an application form which you can find here.  I look forward to meeting you’re young cycling enthusiast and their bike soon!

Kids Charity Bike Shoot at Frensham Common in Surrey

Meet Charlie

Charlie met with me during the spring time for his kids charity bike shoot at Frensham Common in Surrey.  Charlie’s mum brought a long his scooter and his bike in the back of the car, as both were equally loved. But at the start of the session Charlie decided to go for his scooter and he absolutely loved his time during the session showing me all of his favourite moves.

It has been an absolutely pleasure photographing Charlie and all of the ‘Kids on Bikes’ that I have photographed so far. All of the children really shine when they get out on their bikes, trikes or scooters. Bikes really do give children that sense of freedom which really does give them an added confidence in front of the camera too.

Charlie showing of his scooter skills for Kids and their Bikes photo shoot

Any kind of wheels will do!

And it seems any kind of wheels will do!  The type of bike really doesn’t seem to change a child’s bike riding experience and that sense of freedom and joy.   I have had children turn up on old hand me down trikes and fancy BMX’s.  The same thrill is experienced for each and every rider.  They get to relish in something they do well at.  It’s that ‘look at me and look at what I can do’ sense of pride that young children enjoy sharing with us.

Their level of excitement and energy is contagious and at most sessions I am usually there literally galloping around after them with my camera with a big grin on my face. It is a real pleasure to be offering these sessions to our young bikers.

It’s that new confidence and sheer joy in bike riding that make for the most enjoyable sets of portraits for families to look back on.  There is also a shared sense of pride for families. Kids are proud to have mastered their level of bike riding and parents are proud of their ability to hand down their knowledge of bike riding.  It’s a ‘win win’ situation providing ultimate family time and connection.

I am thoroughly enjoying experiencing this project and seeing it take off so successfully.  I hope after reading this blog post today, if you were unsure of filling in an application for your child, you will want to apply now!

I love this portrait – Charlie is full of pride and in charge of his two wheels!

Taking the hills like a pro.

We couldn’t resist getting a few mother and son shots. Kids bike rides are a family affair.

Charlie showing me which way to go at Frensham Common in Surrey




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