Busylizzy Farnham – baby shoot

{Happy birthday to our Busylizzy Farnham – baby shoot!}

Busylizzy Farnham baby portrait shoot with Freddie who turned one year old.

It’s our second birthday and we couldn’t let it pass without a little online celebration!

Every second month, Busylizzy Mums, Dads and their babies have been welcomed into my home studio for a short portrait photo shoot, in the same big white chair, followed by cups of tea and a natter around the kitchen table.

With pop up studio sessions currently closed due to covid (until we can get back to meeting indoors, safely, in bigger groups), myself and Rebecca Gray (Farnham Busylizzy owner and fellow mum) decided a blog post, showcasing the pop up studio babies, was a wonderful way for us to celebrate and share what we do and why we love it soooo much!

We are also excited to be starting up an outdoor Busylizzy Farnham – baby shoot this summer – with babies on blankets and a chance for expectant mums to achieve a portrait with their bump. (more info on this at the bottom of this blog).

Here is just a brief selection of some of our most recent pop up babies in the studio. Aren’t they sooo cute!

I love offering mums this session so much! …to the point where I can get a little bit emotional when babies turn up for their 1 year old session in the chair.

Once babies turn 1 some of our Mums (and Dads!) have completed their parental leave and are returning (or have already returned) to work and I know the next time I see them will be at an outdoor family shoot (like this one here) in the future or when a baby sibling arrives and mum returns to Busylizzy again. It’s wonderful when I get to photograph siblings in the chair together too).

And, creating a warm and welcoming space for parents to enjoy a social opportunity at the same time is an essential part of the experience. It adds a great feeling to the pop up day for everyone involved, including Rebecca and I.

I specialise in natural light on location shoots in family homes, gardens and other outdoor spaces so the pop up studio is a special offering from me alongside Busylizzy. (You can view one of my recent outdoor family shoots here and my ‘Babies at Home’ gallery here.)

It’s a great opportunity to produce these endearing portraits for families as a way of recording baby, as they grow and develop such big personalities in their first year.

Freddie’s year at Busylizzy Farnham – baby shoot

Pictured below is Freddie who came along every second month until he was 1 year old.

Busylizzy Farnham baby photo shoot
Freddie, from 1 month old to 1 year old.

He was so tiny at one month old we made sure he had some extra booster padding to keep him comfortable and secure in the big chair and before he could sit up on his own we discreetly added a non slip mat under his bottom to stop him sliding. : ) Safety and comfort for our little Busylizzy babies always!

Rebecca Gray (Busy Lizzy Farnham Franchise Owner) and I have always enjoyed being able to offer this special studio session together and here’s what she has to say about the pop up studio:

I have had so much fun with our Pop-Up Portrait Studios. Not just the photo sessions themselves, which are brilliant, but also the chat and coffee that I get to enjoy with Sarah and the Busylizzy Mums. The excitement that I feel when the photos are ready to view is like Christmas – so I can only imagine how exciting it is for the families who have taken part! I’m so pleased that we are finally able to restart these sessions outdoors and I know that lots of our members are too.

Rebecca Gray, Busylizzy Owner Farnham

Happy birthday once again to Farnham Busylizzy’s baby portrait shoots! Thank you to all the babies who made it so much fun and to all the wonderful mums for bring them along.

Read on to find out about Busylizzy, the indoor pop up studio baby shoots and our new outdoor Busylizzy Farnham baby shoots.

Busylizzy pop up studio baby shoot info

You need to be a member of our local Farnham Busylizzy club to attend the pop up studio. The pop up studio session is then only £20 per session and this includes 20 minutes of time in the chair (just enough time to not feel rushed and plenty of time to capture lots of very cute and fun moments in the chair), a complimentary digital image (with the opportunity to purchase any additional prints for grandparents and godparents) and as many cups of tea / coffee, biscuits and chat time as you like. : )

To join busy Lizzy Farnham you can find all the details here: www.busylizzyfarnham.co.uk

Pop up outdoor shoots starting next week

Here’s to the return of indoor Busylizzy Farnham – baby portrait shoots, in the big white chair! However, in the meantime, we are excited to be holding outdoor pop up studio on a blanket in Farnham and the weather is looking great next week too!

We think it’s going to be lots of fun and if mums and babies enjoy these pop ups, you never know, it could become a regular feature on the Busylizzy calendar each month this summer.

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