Will my mini session feel rushed?

{Will my mini session feel rushed?}

When parents talk to me about booking a mini session, “Will my mini session feel rushed?”,  is a frequently asked question.  So, as I have just released my mini session dates HERE now is the time to answer this question and share a clients mini session from last summer.

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Will your mini session feel rushed?  Well the simple answer is no, but read on to find out why.

mini session in Farnham Surrey last summer


mini session portrait of the children in Farnham, SurreyPortrait of the daughter at mini session in Farnham, Surrey

My top four reasons for not rushing:

  1. Your mini session is 30 minutes long and my job is to make sure you have the loveliest time and this includes feeling relaxed and genuinely happy at your session.
  1. I am a very relaxed person and I do not like to rush so I am not going to rush you at your session even though we are working within a time frame.
  1. I am a Mum and I know that when I rush my two small boys they do not respond well and I am not getting the best out of them.
  1. You are a busy family and you will have done a great job to organise your clothing for the day, get everyone dressed and out the door in time for your session.  Once you arrive you won’t want to feel under anymore pressure.  This is your time to shine as a family and it is your time to enjoy yourselves at your session.

Each sibling gets to enjoy a moment with Dad at their mini session in Farnham, Surrey. Such great connection in these portraits.

So how do you get to experience a relaxed mini session with me?

  • I make the time to connect with you prior to your session. I send you a family questionnaire and I will call you for a quick chat just to say hello. This way we are not meeting up as complete strangers.
  • I make the time to connect with you and especially with your children on the day because I will personally meet and greet you 10 minutes prior to your session. We will walk together, to our location, giving us time to chat and play along the way.
  • Your child is allowed to be a little shy, to need an emergency snack, an emergency toilet stop or to have a little break. I have allowed for some flexibility in my schedule, as much as possible, given the constraints of the day.
  • As parents you will have the chance to relax too because I will take on the job of directing your children and encouraging them into the spirit of the session.
  • You will get a good range of portraits and playful moments to choose from in your gallery without feeling pushed or rushed because: I have managed photography sessions for over 20 years. I know how to direct your family efficiently and reassuringly and I can anticipate when and how to achieve each shot for your gallery.


As you can see, this family had a lovely time at their session and the result is a series of heartfelt portraits and playful moments that capture this family at their best, feeling relaxed.

Taking the time to book your family session is a significant investment. You are taking the time to stop and let your families’ story be told now before you all change and before you all move on into another year and another stage of your journey together.

Life with my two boys is filled to the brim with school runs, work, afterschool activities and weekend activities too. I know just how special it is to take the time out to consider a portrait session with your family and then to take the plunge to book it ……. It’s a significant investment for you all on so many levels.

A mini session is an ideal opportunity to quickly achieve a beautiful heartfelt record of your children and family, as simply as possible.

My job is to take care of everything for you. You simply need to turn up and enjoy being in the moment, having some time to connect and enjoy a relaxing time together as a family.

If you have read about my mini sessions and you think a longer session would still suit your family better, perhaps you have a large family session in mind or you have a specific location in mind then a bespoke family session would suit you best. You can find out about my bespoke family sessions HERE.

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I look forward to seeing you at a mini session soon!




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