Newborn Photographer in Surrey {introducing Dylan 15 days new}

Newborn Photographer in Surrey {introducing Dylan 15 days new}

It is such a pleasure to be able to introduce little Dylan to you today!  I had been thinking about their lovely session and thought it would be useful for expectant Mums to know about booking a late newborn session as Dylan’s session was booked in once he was born.   I have been a Newborn Photographer in Surrey now for one year however I have been working as a newborn photographer across London for just over 6 years now.  It never surprises me to get an urgent text message or phone call requesting a late booking for a newborn baby that has already been born.

Dylan’s session was back in August and Mum texted me in search of a Newborn photographer in Surrey not long after their son Dylan was born.  As you can see I said yes (after juggling a few other bits around in my schedule) and here we are now enjoying these adorable photographs of Dylan and his very proud parents.

Obviously there are risks associated with trying to book your newborn session after your baby has been born. If you have a favourite photographer then chances are, as is often the case for me, their schedule will be full.  Also, if you are trying to book in after 14 days old then you do run the risk of not being able to achieve certain poses as your baby will start to be less sleepy and have a slightly less newborn-curled-up look about them.  I always recommend sessions between 5 and 14 days old but I have had successful sessions at 20 or 25 days old too. It can often depend on how experienced your photographer is and how settled your baby is on the day.

Whilst I always encourage Mums to book in before baby is due, I completely understand that ‘life’ can often get in the way and there are often many differing factors that cause Mums to be calling me up looking for a last minute booking once baby is born. Most often Mums were undecided about whether they wanted newborn photographs and it was only once their baby had arrived and noticed how short lived the newborn phase is, that they changed their mind and gave me a call.

The second most common reason for booking in late is due to an unexpected pre-term birth, which can sometimes be followed by a lengthy stay in hospital depending on how premature baby is.  I had this exact experience with my second son who decided to arrive four weeks early on the day I was finishing up at work for my maternity leave.  (This was back in the day when I worked full time as a Secondary School Art and Photography teacher.) I had expected to get to my ‘to-do list of jobs in my first two weeks of maternity leave prior to my sons arrival. This included booking the newborn photographer, packing my hospital bag and getting the babies room ready. Instead was running around with my to-do list whilst I was in labour!

Whatever the reason for booking in after babies birth, I really do understand so, as with Dylans Mum, I will always try my best to fit you in!

Kind words from Dylan’s mum:

And here’s what Dylan’s mum said after seeing the pictures in her private gallery:

“I’ve just had a quick look during his feed (I couldn’t wait) and I love them! I’ll have a look properly with Dan later, but they’re fantastic!  It was so lovely to meet you and thank you for your patience and gentleness with Dylan. You’re very talented and perfectly suited to what you do.  I’m so glad we went with you and I’ve recommended you to friends. “

Thank you Dylan’s Mum for the lovely feed back! You are very very welcome. It was such a pleasure to help you create these images for you.  Welcome to the world once again little Dylan and thank you for having me over to visit and take these pictures of you! You were such a wonderful wee boy for your session.



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