Mummy and Me photo shoot in Surrey

Mummy and Me photo shoot in Surrey  {One day…}

Since a ‘Mummy and Me’ photo shoot in Surrey last spring (see the video below) I have been thinking a lot about how we view photographs of ourselves (and how we feel about being photographed), in different contexts and at different times in our lives.

In my last blog post I wrote about the benefit of children having positive images of themselves.  If you haven’t read it you can find the article here>

So what about us Mum’s feeling positive about images of ourselves with our children?

What’s your ‘one day’ ?

Sometimes as Mum’s it can be easier for us to take photographs of our children and avoid being in pictures with them.  Avoiding photographs of ourselves is something I hear about from Mums fairly frequently and I know I have been guilty of it myself in the past. The phrase ‘one day’ comes up in these conversations a lot too!

“….. one day, when the kids are sleeping though the night and I am not feeling so tired…..”

” ….. one day when I have lost just a few more pounds …..”

” ….. one day when we are all less tired as a family and less grumpy ….. ”

“….. one day, when we can all find the time and coordinate our calendars with the grandparents, so they can come too….”

“….. one day, when I am back in shape and feeling a little bit better about myself …..”

“… day when and if I can get back to a C or D cup instead of my new F cup …….” (yes I have really heard a mum say this one!)

” ….. one day when we have a little extra money …..”

” ….. one day (if only I looked like I used to) …..”

“… day I could even just remember to pass the camera to my husband so I can be in the picture too…..”


Because, one day …..

all your children will have

are pictures of you.

Make sure you exist in them.

They just want to see you

You are their mum.

They love you just the way you are.

Remember to exist in pictures for your children not one day but …… today. x


Mummy and Me weekday photo shoot in Surrey.

I am now offering Mummy and Me weekday photo shoots in Surrey.  I have recently increase my weekday hours so that means I have more availability and it also means I am able to reduce my weekday session fee.  Yay! This is great news for you if you are a mum local to Surrey or on the Surrey/Hampshire boarder as I am happy to travel. …and hopefully this might help make your ‘one day’ become a little bit closer to a some day very soon? I hope so!

I see this as a welcoming opportunity for you (yes you, Mum) to come and have your photograph taken with your older baby or preschool child, so you can start the ball rolling to makes sure you exist in pictures with your children from a young age.  So even if you are not yet up to coordinating a whole family session with Dad during busy family weekends or you would like to treat yourself to something that is just a gift for you and your child/children then get in touch with me.

I have even put together a ‘Fine Art Taster Package’ especially for my weekday family session clients.  It includes 3 digital images plus an 8 x 12″ Fine Art print. You can find out more about this and all of my packages here.

Please get in touch with me using the contact page here on my website or you can phone me on 0790 3 772 960

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Sarah Angel is a professional family, children and newborn photographer and mother to two adventurous boys.   She is a professionally trained documentary Fine Art photographer and previously a Secondary school Art and Photography teacher.  New Zealand born and based in Farnham Surrey. 




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