Recognised Newborn Safety Standards

{Celebrating Newborn Safety Standards}

You might or might not have noticed, but there is a shiny new badge of honour at the foot of my website today and I will most probably have it on Facebook now too!

I am really pleased to announce that I am now an approved member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association (BANPAS). It’s members are amongst the UK’s leading baby and newborn photographers.

custom_grid_item_15_1445090586The association does a lot to promote safe practices within the newborn photography industry and it encourages photographers to ensure baby’s are comfortably posed whilst aiming to create beautiful newborn images for families to treasure. 

It has been a long and rewarding journey to reach this level of recognition; for the type of service I provide to new parents.  I have a first class honours in photography however this achievement was dwarfed when I began training and practicing to achieve the beautiful newborn images you see on my website today. 

I have always maintained my own set of very strict standards when photographing newborns and I often talk about ‘the baby led’ way.  I love to promote my safety standards wherever possible!  So, please ask if you would like a copy of my ‘Top tips for choosing a safe newborn photographer’.


If you would like to read more about BANPAS and its standards you can find them here: BANPAS



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